1970s bridal fashion

Bride and her attendants in New Ulm, Minnesota, 1974

Image by Art Hanson

The seventies – a time of polarized political movements, individualism, and social consciousness. So what defined brides of this era? Come discover 1970s bridal fashion and find inspiration for your own special day.

1970s bridal fashion

We find three main trends in this decade: classicism, nature, and disco punk. Quite an interesting mix and we admire the eclectic tastes of the 1970s bride.

Bridal fashion during this time often harkened back to classical romance and you’ll find many gowns with draped fabrics following the Grecian style. The popular maxi dress transitioned from casual wear to wedding gowns as brides craved a looser, flowing profile. Material advancements could deliver on this demand – you will find many polyester and nylon gowns on your search. Additionally, double-knit fabric and machine-made lace often characterized romantic dresses. Color palettes followed suit, delving in the subtle and pale ends of the spectrum. The 1970s bride was accented in ivory, white, and subdued color. Like two decades prior, brides would add to their look with a tailored jacket – although for the 1970s bride it was a blazer rather than bolero.

1970s bridal fashion

1970s lace: Al and Tipper Gore, 1970

Getting back to nature drove many a social custom during the seventies and wedding style was no exception. This is the time of the bohemian bride, gliding (or even skipping) down the aisle in her bare feet. With hair flowing, she exuded calm, lightness, and beauty. If she wore a headpiece, it was often made of flowers. Peasant style dresses spoke to the bohemian bride and as the sun set, she would cover up with a crocheted shawl.

1978 Sara Johnsen and Gary McCoy

Image by Sara Johnsen

Hardly anyone could escape the power of disco. The sensuous nature of this new dance craze (and its demand for body conscious clothes) carried over to wedding styles. The glam bride liked to add drama and intrigue to her look. You’ll see large and floppy hats, puffed up shoulders and sleeves, topped with a Juliet cap or stunning headpiece. The 1970s bride is adventurous and romantic. If this is your decade of choice be ready to channel the lessons learned from these lovely ladies: grace, glam, and joy.

Cause A Frockus would like to thank their tremendous resources: Vintage Gown, “Style Me Vintage: An inspirational guide to styling the perfect vintage wedding” by Annabel Beeforth, and the people who post their images without restriction.

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