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Sabrina, 1954


This 1954 Billy Wilder classic stars the ever-lovely Audrey Hepburn, stoic Humphrey Bogart, and dashing William Holden. Following the Larrabee brothers and their romantic entanglements with the chauffeur’s daughter, this film captures the glamor and style of the 1950’s ultra-rich. The settings, the furnishings, and the fashion – it’s fun to watch and I think we can all relate to the trials of young love. But the joy of this film is that, in its masterful direction and delivery, it realistically documents what it means to come into your own. Tell us what you think of this film and if this is your favorite Hepburn flick in the comments!

Sometimes father really does know best

Cooking school in Paris gives Sabrina a new lease on life. While she doesn’t want abandon her dreamy, but angst-ridden crush on David Larrabee, she heeds her father’s advice and sets sail. He tells her “don’t reach for the moon child” and she decides (after an unfortunate garage incident) maybe it’s time to start a new chapter in life. Being in a new country, trying new things, and testing her mettle forms her into a more confident woman. When we feel lost in life, sometimes it is best to let your loved ones advise you on the next step. They know you better than you know yourself and since they’re outside of the situation at hand, they can see clearly what you may not.

While in France she still finds herself pining for David, but discovers other interests in life and becomes more well-rounded as a person. Her cooking partner, the Baron St. Fontanel, tells her to reach for the moon (they’re building rockets to get there after all!) and embrace love, pitfalls and all. He takes her under his wing and helps Sabrina enjoy wonderful new things in life: opera, art, and fancy parties. These new influences impacted her in a positive way. As she writes to her father in her final letter, “I have learned how to live, how to be in the world, and of the world. And not just to stand aside and watch. And I will never, never again run away from life – or from love either.”


Holden and Bogart

You gotta love what you do

Linus is the quintessential, mid-century American businessman. A man of power, influence, and innovation – he is a captain of industry (well we should really say industries – remember that glimpse of the imposing Larrabee corporate building!). Yet as he reminds David, “money is just a by-product.” His drive comes from creating good in the world: exploring new items and manipulating new technology to make it all work toward positive developments. While we may not all have the fruits of our labor bear millions, we can certainly channel Linus’ lesson: love what you do because that will maintain your happiness for years to come.

The right dress can make your night

Who can forget that scene when Sabrina, fresh off the plane from Paris, strolls into the Larrabee garden party. She looks like a million bucks (thanks to designer Givenchy) and lights up the entire night sky with her smile. Enjoying the Cinderella-like tone of the evening, she soaks up the moment. When you are feeling happy and floating on cloud nine: be present. Enjoy the person you’re with, the music you’re hearing, or the outfit you’re wearing. The key is to enjoy!

See things through other people’s eyes

Sabrina tells Linus all about Paris – details like when the smell of the city is at its sweetest. The way she describes her favorite place transports all of us to that special locale. Even though Linus’ plan to get rid of her is very exacting, he finds himself getting drawn closer and closer to her world. That’s the thing about our best laid plans – life has a way of intervening. We meet new people, have new adventures, and suddenly our journey takes unexpected detours. But that moment when things shift; that timing should be celebrated. So remember to keep an open mind; life is more wonderful when we see the world with fresh perspective.


Bogart and Hepburn

Be kind to yourself

The final date night scene with Sabrina and Linus is emotionally tense. She describes her quandary out loud – being torn between two brothers and not understanding which way to turn. Sabrina laments that she moved away to grow up, but returned with nothing but a new hair style and familiar habits. There are moments in life when we mature and take new lessons under advisement. Yet there are also times when we feel like progress doesn’t always keep pace with our reactions. That’s okay. Sometimes lessons aren’t learned on the first try. It’s part of life, embrace it as you fine tune yourself into the best person you can be.

People can surprise you

Linus learns a different lesson. He tells Sabrina about the truthful status of their Paris trip. She unknowingly breaks down the details of the scheme, unnerving him as he’s reminded of his coldness. Somberly, she takes one of the tickets, leaving the cash and extras sitting all alone on his large desk. He’s not sure entirely how to process her decision, but figures reuniting Sabrina with his brother will repair the wounds. David, predicting where their true hearts lie, tells Linus that he needs to go and get the girl. Who would have predicted the playboy would have a heart of gold or the tycoon would have a vulnerability? That’s just part of the wonder of this humorous and heartfelt story. So let yourself be surprised and go out and do some surprising of your own!

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