1920s bridal fashion

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The 1920s bride

The 1920s, a decade known for its “roar”, may have ended with financial ruin – but it all started with optimism and decadence. The bride of this era was one of the first to embrace a liberated fashion view and mirror the glamour of the jazz age. If you find yourself drawn to the beauty of this vintage time, crank up the Gerswhin tunes, make yourself a sidecar, and enjoy our style guide!

1920s bridal fashion

Wedding style during this time reflected the wishes of the modern woman: loose silhouettes, draped skirts, dropped waistlines, and straight chemise dresses were a sign of the times. But not all prior looks were abandoned – you would still find borrowed elements like long veils or sashes worn around the bride’s waist.

Image from John Oxley Library

Queensland wedding party, circa 1920s

One of the biggest style statements of this decade: the sheath dress. As we noted in our guide to finding your perfect vintage gown fit, a sheath dress is composed of fabric cut on the bias, so it will loyally cling to your curves. The sheath creates a beautiful line and was typically crowned with a couple different neck styles: the “v” or the rounded neck. However, wide necklines were also a common choice for the fashion-forward bride. When it came to sleeves, designs varied from long (typically for formal affairs) to short and even to sleeveless.

You may think that a sheath dress would lack the drama befitting of this exotic time. But have no fear, the 1920s gal had several tricks up her sleeve (pardon the word play!). Often times a sheer frock would be worn over a chemise gown. Multiple layers: multiple impacts. The underlying element was made from a range of materials: crepe, satin, chiffon, or even silk. Two different layers of fabric created brilliant movement, but the gauzy top layer was the real star of the show. This sheer ensemble was decorated with shiny crystals and/or accented with fine embroidery. The resulting style was meant to look fabulous walking down the aisle and shimmying out on the dance floor!

so beautiful

Finger waves, 1928

A 1920s bride did not only focus on her dress, but on her hair as well. Simple finger waves are the classic option, but it is merely the foundation. Bandeaus worn low on the forehead were incredibly chic and often veils were attached to this element. Bandeaus, like the gowns they accompanied, were not simple. Decorations of embroidery or orange blossoms were the bees’ knees. But if you don’t feel like modeling a bandeau on the big day, the cap-style veil is another excellent selection.

If you are at all familiar with the flapper style, you’ll recognize the desire for stunning makeup. The jazz age bride echoed this flair with heavy and dramatic makeup. Women had dark red lips with thin eyebrows. (Check out our flapper girl makeup tutorial.) For a manicure, get the quintessential look by painting your nails just in the center so the tip is bare. Now that we’ve introduced you to the 1920s bride, take this information and create your own amazing and personal fashion for your wedding…

Cause A Frockus would like to thank their tremendous resources: “Vintage Wedding: Simple Ideas for Creating a Romantic Vintage Wedding” by Daniela Turudich, “Style Me Vintage: An inspirational guide to styling the perfect vintage wedding” by Annabel Beeforth, and the people who post their images without restriction.

For our readers: What drew you to 1920s bridal fashion?

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