Cute ways to style vintage outfits

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Not your average little black dress

Vintage fashion. Sigh. So many opportunities to be unique and channel an entirely new personality for the day. Cool? Yes! A bit scary? You bet! As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Once you let the multitude of styling options sink in, that warm and fuzzy sigh can soon turn to panic. With everything so individualized, how do you start to pull together a complete ensemble from your amazing catalog of finds? Miss Kitty of The Best Vintage Clothing is here to help and in honor of Cause A Frockus’ first anniversary, she’s giving away some spending money for your styling needs!

Do you love amazing vintage clothing? If the answer is yes (and we suspect it is), let us help you find your new favorite treasure. The Best Vintage Clothing is one of the top spots to find high-quality vintage online and they’re offering Cause A Frockus readers the chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate. This gift certificate can be used toward the purchase of any item on their site, so please check out the contest rules below and start exploring! May the vintage be with you.

How to enter for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate

Image from The Best Vintage Clothing

Pretty in pink

There are a variety of ways to enter this contest and, keep in mind, the more avenues you take – the greater your chances of being selected! While we’ve grouped them by social media platform, please make sure to always finalize your entry by commenting on this post, telling us all the different ways you entered the giveaway so we can keep an accurate count of your odds.

Via Blogging

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Bold and beautiful!

The Contest Particulars

This contest runs from today through Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 11:59 CST and is open to readers worldwide. We’ll select one winner through a random number generator and will reach out to him or her via email. Your great fortune will also be announced via social media so we can all congratulate you!

The winner will receive one $50.00 USD gift certificate from The Best Vintage Clothing. If you have any questions at all, please reach out via our contact page or through the comments below.

Thanks again so much to The Best Vintage Clothing for their generosity and for sharing helpful tips on cute ways to style vintage outfits. May it inspire you as you put together your entries for the giveaway.

Cute ways to style vintage outfits

Don’t be afraid to mix and match eras

Image from The Best Vintage Clothing

Chic and cute

Fashion has a funny way of coming back around. Vintage looks will always be revisited and that opens you up for all sorts of possibilities. Even though there may have been strict guidelines in the day, now one of the biggest pleasures in dressing retro is that you can joyfully mix and match. This is a very tactile process: put together your look, adding as you go, and keep adding or subtracting until you’ve reached a style that makes you feel happy and uplifted. Remember, when you embrace vintage style you can be a 1950s housewife with a flapper’s purse and the swagger of a 1980s rock diva – go forth and create any fashion vibe you want!

Look to an icon

When you’re feeling lost in the styling department, it’s time to fire up Pinterest, add an old movie to your Netflix queue, or grab a vintage magazine and let style icons be your guide. It’s a great approach for several reasons, for example: when a person asks what inspired your look, you can sound super cool in your response “Oh, just Grace Kelly, no big deal” and it’s a wonderful excuse to get to know the woman behind the icon. Learn about what made these stylish gals tick – Audrey Hepburn’s humanitarian work or Sophia Loren’s entrepreneurial talents. Seeing these legends as well-rounded human beings will help you see your place in this great history of women. Go forth, be accomplished, follow your dreams, and look fab in the process.

Consider what you’re up to

Image from The Best Vintage Clothing

Great combination of accessories

Ask yourself – what is this outfit going to be worn for? If the itinerary includes a long night of dancing, then a cute pair of flats may be in order. If it’s a picnic with the family, a bucket handbag and long skirt make the perfect pair. If it’s a stylish cocktail party or work outing, check out Miss Kitty’s great post on finding your perfect 1950s party dress. Any occasion is always enhanced with a vintage ensemble – just think through how you want the pieces to move and function.


As fashion has moved into the modern era, it seems to have lost some bits along the way. How often do you see people wearing unique accessories with today’s fashion of blue jeans and t-shirts? When it comes to retro style, don’t forget about hats, gloves, and glasses. These touches can pull your look together (and in some cases, can inspire an entire ensemble).

When in doubt, stick with the classics

Image from The Best Vintage Clothing

Bold pattern, balanced with great accessories

Nothing says you’re a refined lady on the go like a string of pearls, a cameo pendant, or a rhinestone brooch. When all else fails, reach for these beauties and throw on a red lipstick. You’ll look polished and confident in no time!

Color and pattern are your friends

Fashion has always played with colors and patterns. These features have proven to be important ways to express ideas and generate emotional attachments to certain styles. Learn more about the eras and consider the color palette/designs of the day. For example, the 1960s are known for their bold, mod, and simple combinations of colors. The 1950s, in contrast, was the era of “matchy, matchy” clothing collections. Discover what was standard for the time and experiment from there.

Cause A Frockus would like to thank the talented Miss Kitty of The Best Vintage Clothing. Follow more of her adventures on her blog.

For our readers: Don’t forget to add a comment, listing all the ways you’ve entered our contest.

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