What’s your vintage celebrity wedding style?

Sketch inspiration from Pinterest

The stylish 1970s jumpsuit

The internet is abuzz with talk of Solange Knowles’ recent nuptials – that cream jumpsuit and 1970s vibe really set the tone for what looked like a joyous event. And side note: all white color scheme and bikes… What’s not to love about that? And with the pant suite ensemble Amal wore to her civil ceremony to George Clooney, it seems like 1970s bridal fashion is having a moment.

Celebrity looks are always fun to draw inspiration from and your wedding day doesn’t have to be any different! For example, if you are a gal who desires to set the trend, rather than follow, and you desire the comfort to boogie down while looking amazing – the 1970s jumpsuit look may be right up your alley.

If that’s not your style – have no fear. We’ll walk through some amazing fashion from the past to help you figure out a perfect vintage celebrity wedding style for your big day.

Welcome to American royalty

Jackie Kennedy on her wedding day

Jackie Kennedy | 1953

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was an amazingly creative and smart young girl who grew to be a strong leader in her own right. Her wedding style not only reflects her charm and regal bearing, but it speaks to the fairy tale aura surrounding her wedding to the dashing John Kennedy.

If you want to exude a classic confidence as you walk down the aisle, this may be the style for you. Think trains, sumptuous fabrics and details, and pull inspiration from European fashion. After all, even before she became the First Lady, Jackie was well-traveled (as her book reminds us) – we can’t help but imagine those worldly pursuits influenced her bridal style.

Audrey and Andrea, 1969

© ErlingMandelmann.ch

Audrey Hepburn | 1969

Let’s be honest. We all love Audrey Hepburn. In every role she played and every project she spearheaded, her generosity was legendary. There’s a reason Givenchy chose her as his muse. That special spark naturally translated during her wedding to Andrea Dotti.

If you care about style, honor clean lines, and want your natural beauty to take center stage – this may be the look for you. The mini-dress, low heels, and small bouquet will show everyone that joy is your paramount concern.

And take a queue from Audrey – substitute the traditional veil with a scarf or fun hat.

Natalie Talmadge | 1921

Talmadge and Keaton, 1921

Natalie Talmadge’s smile – just love it!

She was the first wife of legendary star, Buster Keaton, and I wish I knew more about the lady behind this wide smile. But what we do know is she proposed to Buster via letter (very modern, indeed!) and fashion was her first love. In fact, it is rumored an entire room in their home was filled with clothing she never even wore.

If you’re not afraid to go big (just look at her bouquet, definitely not subtle) and love being avant-garde, this may be the style for you. Keep in mind, a big smile is definitely your best accessory on the day.

Jill Esmond | 1930

Love, love, love her headdress

Jill Esmond and Laurence Olivier

It’s easy to see why Laurence Olivier was immediately captivated by her – talented, determined, and beautiful. She received several proposals from him, finally accepting and marrying him in 1930. Jill Esmond was independent and confident in her image and abilities. Her wedding style sums that attitude wonderfully.

When I saw her headdress all I could say was “wow.” It makes me think of an old portrait’s depiction of a halo. I love that she focused her look on this one feature, letting it really pop. Notice how her dress neckline is demure, earrings understated, and makeup gently applied. If being true to your individual fashion sense – not making it conform into a “wedding” template – is important to you then this is your style icon. Find one amazing feature to highlight and go forth with confidence.

For our readers: Which celebrity style is your favorite and what do you think of Jill Esmond’s look?

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