Stylish vintage hats for winter

Ready for winter

Louise Shearer, rocking the cloche

The air is getting chilly and you know what that means: egg nog, sweaters, and stylish vintage hats for winter. We love these three stunning retro options – they all offer coverage, warmth, and are certain to give your wardrobe an extra boost. Three cheers to battling the cold in style.

Cozy and chic | the cloche

This sweet little hat was invented in the early 1900s and its bell shape went on to inspire all those cropped hairstyles we love from the Jazz Age. Typically made of felt, it conforms to the wearer, keeping everything nice and fit as you scurry about during your day. You’ll want to wear the cloche low on your forehead to give it that punch of oomph. Your hat can be plain or decorated – feel free to enlist the help of your dress clips.

Classic and comfy | the turban

Turbans have been a part of our fashion DNA since the 18th century, seeing a resurgence again and again throughout the decades. Most notably for me, was its renewed popularity during WWII. The complete coverage (just imagine how toasty warm your ears are gonna be) helped women working away on the factory floor. With it keeping the hair out of your face, have some fun with your makeup look if you’d like – after all, your great features will be beautifully framed.

During the war they distributed DIY instructions, emphasizing the minimal sewing skills required

How a British woman dresses in wartime – and you can look this fab too!

Warm and toasty | fur hats

If you’re a follower of vintage icons, you know those ladies were a big fan of animal prints and furs. Whether you rock vintage or faux, a thicker fur or fabric will be sure to add some texture to your cold excursions. This is a bold look, so feel free to pair with bold accessories. Brightly colored scarves, large brooches, and a funky coat – go for it. Usually we try to follow the Coco Chanel approach of editing, but with the gray cloudiness of winter a little fun is in order.

What hats do you like to wear with your winter wardrobe – and how do you accessorize? Share your top tips in the comments….

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