How to tell if you’re a vintage maven

The original form of a selfie

Vintage photo booth, 1930s

The New Year is almost upon us – a natural time for reflection and renewal. With that in mind, we’ve put together a fun little quiz that we’re entitling “how to tell if you’re a vintage maven.” Let’s embrace this calendar reset and check in on our vintage status. Tell us what you think – do our questions cover the biggies? If not, write to us in the comments…

Do you love older music?

You’ve always danced to the beat of your own drum – biggest difference: you’re more Sinatra than dub step.

You think blending in sounds awful

People won’t find you going to the mall in uggs and jeggings – well, let’s face it, they won’t find you at the mall. Period.

Are your role models historical figures or ancestors?

While your peers may praise the bravery of Reese Witherspoon’s latest performance or the boldness of Nicki Minaj, you go gaga over Eleanor Roosevelt or your great-aunt Allie.

Do you believe in the saying “the early bird gets the worm?”

Hey, the deals at the flea markets and garage sales won’t find themselves.

Are you often nostalgic?

Image from lib of congress

From Harpers Bazaar, 1950

Do you find yourself sighing and lamenting that “things aren’t like they used to be” or “you won’t find that kind of quality today?”

Your Netflix queue reads like the Turner Classic Movies archive

It’s awesome that Netflix totally gets that you heart Buster Keaton and that Lauren Bacall is your icon. Keep those movie recommendations coming…

Are you fanatical about board games?

Having friends over to gather round the table for a game of chance sounds like your perfect night.

Your sense of fashion is a conversation starter

When you have the time you plan out your ensemble, but in a pinch you always make sure to wear at least one vintage piece. You get giddy when someone asks you about what you’re wearing. It’s okay – I’m sure they wanted to know the history of Coro.

Do you love history?

Every time you score a find at the thrift store, you are overjoyed to research it. You picture yourself as a modern day gum shoe and keep hoping for a transporter that can take you from home to the library – instantaneously!

Your record collection overshadows your iTunes play list

Sure, it’s great to have jams when you’re out and about, but once you are in the comfort of your own abode, ya gotta go vinyl.

How did you do?

If you answered yes to less than 4 questions | You’re new to the retro world, but you’ve got potential to be a vintage maven. Starting out is the best part of the journey!

If you answered yes to less than 8 questions | Well done! You’re on your way to becoming an expert. Pretty soon your friends will be asking you what the secret to your awesomeness is…

If you answered yes to 8 or more questions | Congrats – you are a vintage maven. Well-versed in the world of all things from yesteryear, you are a force to be reckoned with. Just be sure to use your powers for good. 😉

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