Autumn Palette

Autumn palette

Ready for Fall!

This week I’ve felt the pull to fast-forward right into Christmas mode. This year has been so challenging, I’m not surprised I want to be wrapped up in cozy feelings. There’s something about glowing twinkle lights set against rich red and green tones that make you feel better. But I realized that’s doing a disservice to this current season.

Autumn kicks off the time of year when we focus on giving thanks and taking stock of our blessings. Reading this NPR article helped put things into perspective. Instead of trying to skip through the remaining days of this year, perhaps what I need to do is be present. In our fast-paced world it can be difficult to put this level of focus into practice. (Although one could argue 2020 forced us to rethink our calendars and priorities!) So in the spirit of soaking in the moment, let’s celebrate Fall with some vintage collectibles that showcase the Autumn palette.

For the ultimate in comfy and cozy, cuddle up with some vintage Pendleton!

Our starting point may be predictable, but that definitely doesn’t detract from its awesomeness. Bakelite is the perfect Fall accessory. Allow me to expand on this theory. Firstly, a Bakelite bangle pairs effortlessly with a chunky sweater. Since Fall marks the beginning of another season (layering!), an arm of stacked bangles gets you ready for the pumpkin patch in style. Secondly, as any of my fellow vintage mavens know, Bakelite and sweat don’t mix. Additionally, if you want to keep your Bakelite in pristine shape, you don’t want these treasures to get a ton of direct sunlight. Beach-time and Bakelite don’t mix, but Autumn gives you a chance to rock your look stress-free. Lastly, Bakelite’s organic tones instantly transport you into this season’s color story.

On a budget, but want to add some Bakelite to your jewelry box? Check out the tips & tricks found here.

Autumn palette

Golden beauty

Up next are a couple ways to bring the Autumn palette into your interior design catalog. The combination of decorative pottery and glass can make a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table. We’ve featured several vintage and antique pottery makers in past articles, so feel free to stroll through the archives for some festive inspiration. The example pictured in this article is one of my beloved McCoy pieces. Pottery has a inherent connection to nature and I find the matte glazes especially suited for Fall. Setting your table with a vintage ceramic or pottery piece also allows you to fill it with something fun (think mini pumpkins or pine cones). Vintage glass has similar attributes but its ethereal quality lends a nice contrast to pottery’s substantial nature. The example I’ve showcased here is a piece made in Japan by NASCO. While I’ve not been able to uncover details around this company, based on some preliminary research, I’d date this piece to the late 60s or early 70s. Japanese vintage pieces are fun to collect. There’s enough variety to impress even the most quirky collector (I should know!). Looking for a conversation starter for your table setting? Check out this collector’s starting guide.

Our final collectible is both functional and decorative: vintage books. Reading old books can be a rewarding past-time (as we’ve discussed earlier), but they can serve another purpose. Any stroll through Pinterest or Instagram will inevitably lead you to some amazing, color-coded backdrops. (This designer approach to arranging books by color is probably the main reason why I bought glasses at Warby Parker – ha!) Collecting older books is a commitment, but the day-to-day care isn’t as cumbersome as you may think. Here’s an article filled with sage advice. There is one big rule to remember if you decide to embrace your literary side during the holidays: don’t eat and read!
There are many other collectibles that pair well with the brisk air of Autumn – tell me about your favorites in the comments…

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