The perfect vintage day

the perfect vintage day

Onward to the perfect vintage day! Credit: Auckland Museum

When I first heard about the newest CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated folks, I did a double-take. As my heart leapt I wondered, could this really be true? Am I ready to re-engage with the outside world again? I didn’t have too much time to ponder as the text messages from friends started pouring in. I know I’ll need to ease back into things since I’ve relied so heavily on my indoor environment lately, but it feels wonderful to have plans jotted down on the calendar once more. So in the spirit of fresh adventures, I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Join me as we visit the Cause A Frockus archives to create the perfect vintage day! Share your thoughts on vintage-inspired, post-pandemic plans in the comments…

Brunch with your besties

You can ask any hobbit – every great adventure starts with great food! Brunching with friends is the perfect excuse to don a fun new outfit and eat at that new restaurant you’ve been curious about. A tasty snack, perhaps enjoyed on a patio with a gentle breeze, is the perfect backdrop to fun conversations with your pals. Here is a collection of articles to inspire you from the wardrobe, to the meal, and to the conversation starters (just in case, like me, your non-Zoom chatting skills have atrophied!).

A guide to getting your sparkle on

Vintage fashionista lipstick colors

Iconic red and pink dresses

Up in My Retro Grill

Female work from home pioneers

An afternoon of thrifting

Since I’ve had my second shot I ventured back to one of my favorite shops for the first time in over a year. Admittedly I got a little teary-eyed when the cashier asked me how I was doing today. I underestimated how much I’ve missed those little serendipitous moments – those touch points that let you know you’re part of the human race. Here are some great articles to read before you head out to find that diamond in the rough (or should I say bakelite in the back cabinet!).

Five things to always buy vintage

How to remove sticky labels

DIY vintage wall art

How to be a picker at the flea market (and get great deals!)

Collecting bakelite on a budget

Hosting a party

Having company come over is the best! It gives you a chance to gather all your favorite people in your favorite spot – home sweet home. All of a sudden your humble abode is the place to be for your social circle. Planning for a party involves so much more than just the spread – beyond the buffet – a good host considers entertainment and decoration. The goal is to make your guests comfortable and keep the good vibes going! Here are a few of my favorite articles to help you with your preparations…

The perfect retro cocktail party

Vintage redecorating principles

The Buffet of Vintage Victuals

Vintage board games

All about Uno

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