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1950s, woman relaxing on the dock

Summer is upon us and it’s the perfect time to play with new lipstick colors and makeup looks. Ashton with Pinup Salon is here to help you find your perfect vintage lipstick style. We’re not alone in our love of retro shades, more and more companies are re-releasing older tones or creating new colors influenced by the past. For our guide we’ll use Revlon’s Legacy Collection as our inspiration. Let us know what you think and what colors you’re most excited about!


The Legacy Collection, Image from Revlon

Revlon Legacy Collection

Since we’re using this collection as our baseline, we wanted to quickly review Revlon’s beauty history. Revlon has been making women look beautiful for decades. Founded in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, with chemist Charles Lachman, the company started with a singular product: nail enamel. Following WWII, women were ready for style and glamor. Revlon responded by debuting a new nail and lipstick pairing every six months. These colors and advertisements reflected current fashion trends. As the company’s influence grew, they positioned themselves in the global market by promoting a uniquely American look to the world. Women everywhere wanted to channel the appearance of the confident, Revlon lady. Fast forwarding to the present, Revlon is still responding to their customers’ needs. This year they asked their fans to vote on their favorite retro colors. Five hues were selected: Icy Violet, Snow Peach, Fifth Avenue Red, Jungle Peach, and Sandstorm. Ashton focused on the first four, truly retro shades for our guide.

Image from the Orange County Archives

1940s, day at the beach in Orange County

Icy Violet

This light and glistening lavender debuted originally in 1946, under the name Ultraviolet. Advertised as “madly beautiful,” it reminds Ashton of a day on the beach with friends. Thinking about the time frame, the war had just ended and people were ready for fun in the sun. Break out your play suits and floral swim caps! While color bleeding is a possibility with this tone, it’s not as probable as with its red counterparts. So that means less prep time for you and feeds into the free spirited style of Icy Violet. Pair this color with beachy waves and keep the rest of your makeup look toned down. Focus on achieving a glow rather than a polished, made up appearance.

MGM studio portrait, 1952

Veronica Lake sporting her gorgeous curls

Fifth Avenue Red

This deep red oozes glamour. Released in 1956, this color was described as “the fashion red, the elegant red, the new red.” We guarantee you’ll feel like a new you in this conversation-sparking shade. Ashton immediately thought of Veronica Lake when considering this bold red. Wear a sparkly dress, complete with a polished makeup look: play up your eyes with liner and mascara. And to top it all off, adopt Lake’s signature curls. Due to the intensity of this shade, follow Ashton’s tips for wearing this red lipstick.

How to make Veronica Lake waves

Ashton recommends a couple ways to get this look: either pin curl your hair and comb it out or use a handy dandy curling iron. If you want to use the iron, make sure to choose one from 1″ to 1-1/2″ in diameter. You won’t want to exceed the 1-1/2″ measurement. In sections, curl your hair toward your face, and let your hair cool. Once it’s cooled down, comb out your hair and finalize the shape with your comb.

Image by infrogmation

1965, hanging pool side

Snow Peach and Jungle Peach

Revlon released Snow Peach first in 1956. This distinct peach was described as “hot and cold, beautiful and bold, this powerhouse peach will make your summer.” This hue was so popular that seven years later Revlon created another tone, Jungle Peach. The mid-1960s release of Jungle Peach aligns with that “American Look” that Revlon was creating. Ashton sees these two as mother-daughter duo. The Snow Peach is the mom: a happy housewife with a full skirt, refined hairstyle, and complete makeup look. In contrast, Jungle Peach is the free-spirited and rebellious daughter, wearing a baby doll dress, head scarf, and sporting a bold cat eye. Follow Ashton’s cat eye tutorial to create your own special look.

Cause A Frockus would like to thank their tremendous resources: Ashton with Pinup Salon, Revlon, and the people who post their images without restriction.

For our readers: what looks do these colors inspire for you?

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