Five questions to find your perfect vintage color palette

vintage color palette

Ready for tea time!

Last night I was scrolling through the BBC Culture section and stumbled across this fun article about a revival of avocado green. The author connects our individual color choices with the greater socio-economic context. We certainly have experienced big adjustments in that arena lately! During 2020 our homes took on added significance as they transformed into offices, schools, and gyms. As we invest more time in a space, naturally we want it to reflect our personal style.

You may be thinking it’s time for a new splash of color, but how do you know if avocado green is your go-to hue? Ponder no more and take our fun quiz! You’re only five questions away from finding your perfect vintage color palette. (Editor’s note: I can’t believe it’s been almost six years since we published a quiz. We were overdue!)

Question 1 – If you had to pick one musical genre to blast in your stereo it would be…

A : Anything by Sinatra

B : 1960s folk

C : 1980s pop

If you went with ol’ blue eyes, give yourself 1 point; if you gravitated toward Bob Dylan give yourself 2 points; and finally if you are ready for the side ponytail & totally tubular adventures – give yourself 3 points.

Question 2 – After reading this article on granny chic, your reaction is best summarized as…

A : Sorry nana, but there is NO way I’m embracing lace

B : *runs away from shuffleboard table* and exclaims “where do I sign?”

C : I’m up for it, as long as I can bring my bedazzler

If you are against eating dinner before 5pm, give yourself 1 point; if you’re already dusting off the knick knacks give yourself 2 points; if you are willing to see what granny has up her sleeve (other than a kleenex) – give yourself 3 points.

Question 3 – Pick your favorite vintage transportation method from the list below:

A : The glory days of commercial aviation

B : Hot air balloon

C : Concept car

If you chose the friendly skies, give yourself 1 point; if you want to kiss the clouds give yourself 2 points; if your perfect car looks like it came from the future – give yourself 3 points.

Question 4 – If you had to rock an old school hairdo, which one tops your list?

A : Time to channel your inner flapper girl and rock a bob

B : Add a little romance to your life with the Gibson Girl

C : Be bold, be brave, rock a beehive

If you said goodbye to some of your locks, give yourself 1 point; if you decided to channel Art Nouveau, give yourself 2 points; if you need to change the height listed on your driver’s license thanks to your coiffure – give yourself 3 points.

Question 5 – Time to find your inner art critic. Which style speaks to you?

A : Cubism

B : Paint by numbers

C : Colorful posters by Frykholm

If you went with geometric intrigue, give yourself 1 point; if you like DIY art, give yourself 2 points; if you like color on a grand scale – give yourself 3 points.

Time to meet your perfect vintage color palette!

If you scored 5-7 points you are all about minimalism. Your ideal color scheme comes in shades of black and white. Embrace simplicity.

If you scored 8-10 points you are all about those earth tones. Comfy and cozy is your vibe (and yes, avocado is a great hue for you!).

Finally, if you scored 12-15 points you are a bold color ambassador. Think in terms of gemstones and even fun textures.

Check out this gallery of images from the 1968 “Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book” & have fun!

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